By Enrique Vargas ’12

Sometimes we need a little help. We get sick and our bodies fight illness back, but getting a boost from medicine can make it as quick and painless as possible—and in some cases can even prove to be the deciding factor.

Job searching is just the same way! You can get out there and pound the pavement looking for jobs, make use of your network, and polish that resume to perfection, but a little help goes a long way—like when you’re searching the web for opportunities.

It can be tedious going through job boards every other day looking for positions that fit my criteria. Fortunately, I don’t have to do that with LoggerJobs because I set up a Search Agent that automatically emails me all the new postings that I want to look at. It’s super easy to do, and CES even has a video that demonstrates it step-by-step in real time!

When you’re healthy, one great way to make sure you stay that way is to take a supplement. So if you already search for opportunities through LoggerJobs and InternshipLink, why not supplement your search with Search Agents!

For my Search Agent, I get notified whenever the word “Spanish” is used in any new postings. Already I’ve gotten back suggestions like, “Spanish Tutor” and “Community Organizer for Social Change,” both great ideas for a guy like me interested in helping people and utilizing my foreign language skills.

Now, just because I’ll be alerted to all those new opportunities, it’s far from the only thing I’m doing in my job search. I’ve met with CES Career Advisors, done informational interviews, Mock-Interviews, and I never miss a Career Fair.

Need a little help for yourself? Stop by CES, and make sure to keep reading CES Blogs for tips and to see what else you can do to prepare for life after graduation!

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Photo: Sue Dahlin