In his roles as Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid and Professor of Neuropsychology at St. Mary’s College in Baltimore, Puget Sound alumnus Dr. Wes Jordan ’74 interacts with a wide range of individuals.

Recently, he spoke with business leaders in China who indicated that
they want “employees who are entrepreneurs.” Interested to know what they meant by “entrepreneur,”
he asked them about it.

“They don’t list specific job skills, instead they talk about work habits and attitudes such as ‘working independently,’ or ‘thinking creatively.’ When I asked what about other attributes like reliability and working well with others, they just shrugged their shoulders in agreement—it’s assumed that any employee will behave this way or not be with them long” said Jordan.

So why is this relevant? Because it helps provide a perspective about the American institution of higher education.

Said Jordan, “these business leaders from China send their sons and daughters to the United States, to liberal arts colleges like Puget Sound, because of a concern that the best universities in China are more focused on learning factual details.”

In an increasingly global world, the ability to connect information across disciplines, think creatively, work independently, collaborate, and communicate are essential skills for success. As one of the CEO’s from China told Jordan, “Facts are important, but what will you do with them?”

A Puget Sound education prepares you to not only gather the facts, but to apply them; to promote them; to work as part of a team analyzing them…you get the idea…Liberal Arts Rocks—Employers Think So!

Your Puget Sound education is valuable because it teaches you to think and to apply knowledge in a variety of settings. Employers across the globe are interested in hiring employees who possess these skills. It’s your job to effectively present yourself to employers so that they recognize the value you will add to their organization.

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Special thanks to Dr. Wes Jordan ’74, member of Alumni Council Career and Employment Services Committee and Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) volunteer.

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Photo: Wes Jordan

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  1. This a great post with wonderful insight into how the US institution of higher education is viewed from the perspective of another world power. I completely agree with the statement that Liberal Arts not only provides great education, but also the ability to make connections across different fields, ideas, actions and outcomes.

    It is also great to see what other Puget Sound alum like Wes have gone on to do with their Liberal Arts degrees!

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