part-time Job Board

Still looking for a job this fall? Despite what you hear in the news, there are jobs to be had. One of the challenges is that employers may not advertise the opportunities in ways that many students traditionally think to look for them. The Part-Time Job Board resource located outside the CES office and online job boards are great places to start, but don’t stop there – dig deeper!

What businesses do you frequent? They might be hiring. Do you hang out at Farrelli’s? Shop at the Tacoma Mall or Target? Buy your toilet paper at Costco? If you’re new to the area check out the business directories for the neighborhoods closest to campus: 6th Avenue, Proctor District, Downtown Tacoma, and Old Town.

Don’t just wait for a position to appear on an organization’s website, be proactive. Go down and talk to somebody in person!  When you go in, ask for the manager or the hiring authority. Bring a resume and be prepared to fill out an application on-site (bring a list of your employment history with supervisor contact information and pay rates). Put your most professional foot forward by dressing neatly (clean, pressed, and shined) and showing confidence and enthusiasm.

There is a lot of competition out there, but opportunities do exist. You’ll just have to dig deeper to find them. At CES we keep our part-time job board stocked with opportunities we receive from employers and through our own digging, but making an in-person connection might alert you to opportunities that haven’t been advertised. For more tips, check out our resource on finding part-time, summer and seasonal jobs.

Good luck, and know that CES is here to help you with every step in the process, from brainstorming places that might use your skills to developing a great resume – and get ready to roll up your sleeves and dig!

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Photo: Kris Hay