The Best Cyber Monday Deal Out There!

One of my friends that I hung out with this past weekend shared that she has never seen Star Wars. Now I know there are people out there who are among this minority (I hope its a minority) but it was weird actually hearing it from a good friend! I’ve known her for 10 years and I didn’t know she has never seen star wars! Granted she hasn’t seen a lot of hyped movies as I found out during that car ride.


Star wars is a work of a genius, and that genius is named George Lucas. George wanted to be a race car driver and involved in the competitive racing scene until a tragic car accident dashed his dreams and he began to create another world that gave us as much adrenaline and captivated millions as cars once captivated him. Beyond the star wars fandom, movies have the power to bring audiences into new experiences, places and tell the stories of those we wouldn’t have known before. If there’s one thing college students will tell you we spend a lot of time watching movies and shopping.


This brings me back to the title of this post! As I was shopping this weekend, I love a good sale (although there weren’t many) I pursued my social media and came across this gem! For those not avid star wars fan, a standalone story taking place between the current existing two star wars trilogies! The movie comes out Dec. 16, 2016 (perfect last day of finals!) and tickets go on sale tomorrow during CyberMonday! I’m obssessed with the trailers and the what could be, inside look into more of the star wars universe and I be many are too!

If college has taught me anything its that nothing is “uncool”, everyone has their own interests, that one fandom they’re a part of-whether it be the school football team, the English Premier League, Star Wars or something else. With the realities of the real world and struggles of college it’s often a nice escape to watch and delve into fandoms! Get your ticket to this one tomorrow! 😀

(p.p.s. these trailers are so cool! you think you know how it’ll end because of the already released star wars movies that occur after it but you never know!!)