Put your phone down, Look up!

With the rapid advancement of technology especially phones, its not an uncommon sight to see students wandering around campus with their heads down, eyes on their phone whether thats for messaging, playing games, surfing the internet, snapchat, or any other social media app. Even I myself am guilty of looking at my phone a lot, its almost easier to look at my phone instead of kinda awkwardly making eye contact with someone I kinda know because I recognize them because of how small our campus is but I don’t actually know them (do I wave? do I smile?). But as my time at UPS is coming to an end I’ve taken to really appreciating our beautiful campus, making effort to look up; look at the architecture, the weather, and observe what’s around me. Here are some of those photos of places I am commonly, Harned Hall, Thompson/Harned Courtyard, Lillis Cafe, Upper Marshall Hall, Oppenheimer Cafe, passing the President’s Woods and more!

harned clocktower harned light circle lillis cafe opp outdoors trees upper marshall

You Know You Go/Went to the University of Puget Sound when…

.. you say the Puge, not UPS or Puget Sound

… you have chacos and not just a single pair but warm weather and cold weather chacos chacos

… you have a bunch of different water bottles with different stickers for your various moods and you can hook it to your backpack

… you go to the new gym because duh new gym but mostly to get that post-workout smoothie!!

… you’ve counted the number of times Ron Thom said home in his Convocation speech, especially his last one

… you know one of the things people from UPS are most proud of is our campus, the grass, the trees, the flowers are always on point!

… you’ve sat in Div or Opp for a couple of house to “study” and basically see everyone who goes to college here

… you’ve done (or plan to) do the Polar Plunge into the Sound at Ruston Way with friends!

… you’ve gone on a late-night Memo’s study break run!

… as long as the sun is out and the weather seems warm everyone is outside laying on the grass, tossing a frisbee, lounging in a hammock OUTSIDE!

… you’ve eaten more than you thought you could with Trapper’s all-you-can-eat sushi buffet

… you absolutely have LOVED the COOKIE from the Met


& these a just a few of the things I know I’ll miss when I graduate the Puge

When it rains, it pours

If for one second I thought Tacoma was going to persist in the summer sun-loving weather we’ve had up last week, this week’s downpours would prove me wrong! Fall Break was last week and as the Pacific Northwest rain welcomed us back to classes. And at first for this sun-loving Hawaii girl it was such a bummer, no more slippers (flip flops for those mainlanders), shorts, light breezy tops and gorgeous blue skies Tacoma has! But I forgot how beautiful the rain could be here too.

At first I would only wake up to see it rained overnight, then to raining at crew practice in the morning into all day raining. So officially dug into my closet to pull out my rain jackets and they’ve been getting very good use. The torrential downpour on Wednesday made everybody break out their rain jackets and rain boots, including myself, with only a few brave souls still walking around without a waterproof jacket. Some might say the rain ruins everything, that they can’t go outside, they’re stuck inside and their car is getting dirty again or some other excuse to avoid the rain. But we Loggers love the rain! The rain looks beautiful from our room, from that trendy cafe downtown, from the many study areas in the Library, and all over campus as usual.

All the rain makes us appreciate those sunny days and blue skies afterwards even more!  The clouds clear to a beautiful rainbow and make the blue skies even blue-er. It’s because of the rain we have such amazing camps grounds, the lush green grass (its very deceiving there is buckets of mud underneath them, stay off the grass! xP ) flower beds, shrubs and trees! The rain isn’t all rainbows and sunshine, its hard to anticipate when you  emerge from class all bundled up for the rain to a break in the downpour. The rain signals the changing of the season into fall, the transition into the early sunsets, we’ve learned to get creative about what we can do outside and how much fun we can have inside as well!