I’ve had so many thoughts bouncing in my head today. That after a massively full semester, I’ve had the most struggles and breakthroughs in my head today. Much like how I came upon the revelation of the true meaning of commencement, I didn’t realize how very much even with two more years to go there is much beginning in my life.

Junior year is the time for students to go abroad, I will not be among those students and to know my friends will be gone now until January or even from December to August.

To moving off-campus now that I don’t have to live on campus. I need to find and set-up my own bed, dresser, desk, do I even want those things or more in my room? How do I eat? There must be labeling of all things, I mean I’m sharing all the public spaces with 6 other people, friends yes but even I know from experience living or spending extended amounts of time such as vacations with people can stretch limits.

Ron Thom emailed us today to share he will be retiring at the end of next (2015-2016) academic year. He’s also our 13th President and will retire after his 13th year.

Some of my friends have even decided to not come for summer. They are sowing their oats at their respective campuses summer programs, volunteering or taking those steps to potentially move away from Hawaii permanently.

These may seem like trivial things in the future, or that defining moment where I see I had to be a big girl and make decisions about my independence, about how to deal with stepping out. And that’s scary, and it’s still two years until I will be thrown out to the real world (literally and figuratively xP)


Puget Sound is often and fondly by all of us, home. And this home isn’t in the literal sense necessarily, it’s finding a place where we can be ourselves, share our learning and passions and grow as people. And while I’ve made some great and truly amazing friends living in T/P Garden Level last year and Theta this year, I’ve decided to make the decision to live off campus. And there are many factors attributed towards that decision.

The cost to live on campus is pretty expensive, especially compared to the off-campus housing opportunities. There are options to rent a room or share a room, and pay only the rent, utilities heating and cable bills as necessary all can amount, in my case, lower than the cost of living on campus. It also gives me the opportunity to have an off-campus meal plan, more suited to my eating and spending as well as make my own meals, here comes the mac n cheese, ramen, oatmeal and cereal days but it’s realistic and puts the power of what i’m eating more directly into my hands instead of just what the sub has. The third perk is choosing who I want to live with and where we are living. The different types of rooms vary in cost on campus along with room options through the lottery which isn’t ideal either. This way I found five amazing friends I want to live with and we can all have our own room, or share if we choose to, to look for large closets if that’s what we want or non-scary basements, to live as close to campus as possible or close to the nearest Starbucks. Having these choices and responsibility is really pushing all those lessons learned at home and growth as individuals respecting others space and holding my self accountable.

And while I’ve had amazing roommates on-campus (I’m actually going to be housing with my current roommate next year) it’s time for another new step, because in two years when I graduate I most likely will be living on my own, finding where in the world do I want to try and make my mark and my living situation while doing so. What’s great is that UPS supports this growth within it’s students.¬†We found our house among the many listings on the UPS website, articles about safety and protection services Security offers,¬†someone to look over our leases and the many options of subletting, moving in, lists, and more. I’m excited for this new step next year and can’t wait to see how it goes!