Leverage: A Show That I am Thankful For

So, now that it’s almost Thanksgiving, I thought it might be best to recommend a TV show that I am not only truly thankful for but that everyone must see because, really– this is the best show ever and I am so upset it was cancelled after five seasons.*

“What is this show?”, you might ask. Well, friends and classmates, this is a show called Leverage. The main premise of the show is that a team of criminals– Nathan Ford, a former insurance agent and the team mastermind, Sophie Devaraux, star grifter, Alec Hardison, hacker extraordinaire, Eliot Spencer, their retrieval specialist, and Parker, the world’s best thief– must break the law in order to serve justice to those who were not able to secure it through legal means.

This show? Is literally the best show that has ever existed. It’s like a spy thriller and a comedy and drama had a baby all together. The characters are amazing and lovely, especially Parker, who is flawless** and wonderful and I love her, and the character development for all of them? is so good. While the episode structure does get a little formulaic at times, it actually helps for when big, status-quo shattering events happen, because the disruption of the general structure tells you, as the audience, “this is bad. Like, really bad.”

In short  (since I am trying to keep closer to 300 words in this post), this is an amazing show, I love it so much, and you all need to watch it because it is amazing and I need people to be as upset about its cancellation three years after the fact as I am.*** It’s on Netflix! So you should do the thing, if you have the time.

*I blame my friend Rachel who will see this post and laugh at me because she was trying to get me into this for SO LONG before I finally broke down and watched it.

** Parker is not actually flawless– she does have character flaws. But I love her, so I am using this figure of speech to showcase this diamond of a character. Because she’s flawless.

*** I didn’t even mention all of the side characters, or the amazing dialog, or like. A lot of the other stuff that makes Leverage great. But it is a fantastic show, and, in conclusion, I heartily recommend it