The Motivation Struggle (also known as spring\summer at the Puge)

IT’S HERE! THE SUN! The long forgotten and hidden huge orb of energy in the sky! And despite being an enourmously (1.41×1018 km) large star and source of energy, here at Puget Sound the awareness and shining of the Sun often saps the energy of college students! As far as I can remember March is pretty awesome because it has spring break (but alternately awful because midterms) and April is a pretty gloomy month for students, I mean “April showers bring may flowers” but so far we haven’t got any of that! The sun and summer and warmth of May has already emerged in the last week of March! What is this?

So many bathing suits come out, sunbathing on Todd Field, couches, blankets and picnics appear, the academic buildings are hauntingly empty and stifling (that heat yo)