Beginning Again

How do you even begin again when you vanish from the blogging world for 4 months? This is the question I find myself facing every single time I look at this empty page, waiting for me to fill it up. Of course, it wasn’t always 4 months. I thought to do this way sooner; at the very beginning of my semester abroad.* As time drew on and as I did things and went places and met people, I found my days filled more and more and more with things to do and things I’ve done, and my struggle intensified. How do you compress the events of a week in Prague into one blog post? What about a month, or two months? This is the problem I’m facing now. Therefore, instead of going into details today, I’ll make a bullet-point list of what I’ve done so far; I may or may not expand on it further later on. Without further ado then, here’s what I’ve done so far, in no particular order! Thus far, I have:

  • figured out the metro and public transportation system
  • figured out the grocery store
  • broken down crying multiple times because of an inability to figure things out**
  • went on trips with my program (Moravia, London, and a few day trips)
  • went on trips by myself (London again because I missed things)
  • went on trips with a friend (Paris!)
  • moved dorm rooms
  • passed my intensive Czech class (though I still know nothing)
  • saw snow!!!!!
  • went on a 17 hour bus trip (note to self: NEVER AGAIN)
  • found some awesome restaurants
  • turned 21
  • figured out how to use a hotplate to make a decent meal***
  • went to class
  • took some awesome pictures!!!!
  • and a bunch of other things!

There is not enough space to detail everything, but these are the most important things I’ve done so far. I’ll elaborate more later when I have time; but until then, nashle!

*Dobry den from Prague, by the way!

** this was at the beginning; I’m told that this is a symptom of culture shock and that stage has since passed.

*** this is relative though; most of my meals involve rice and i am so so tired of it now.

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