[Updated] Merlin2 Issues – 10/15/12

[Updated 10/15/12 2:19 PM] The issues some users have experienced with files in Merlin2 appear to result from server work performed in recent days. Campus members should not see the loss of any files in Merlin2. However, if you deleted, moved, or renamed files within the past two weeks, you may see the reappearance of deleted files and/or original versions of files alongside recently-amended files.

We apologize for any problems or inconvenience this may cause. For assistance, please contact the Technology Service Desk at 253.879.8585, servicedesk@pugetsound.edu, through our Online Service Desk, or by visiting the Tech Center in Collins Memorial Library.

[Original post] Some users are experiencing issues with documents stored in file shares on the Merlin2 server. We are working to identify and resolve these problems and will post further information as it becomes available. We will also be working today to update the connections between Konica Minolta printers on campus and the appropriate scan shares on Merlin2.