Crystal – problems connecting to SAN

DBA reported problems with CRYSTAL on Saturday, 8/28 in the evening.

Examined system on Monday 8/30 system appears to be unable to communicate with SAN. Cleaned fibre, switch and HBA but no luck.

Examined HBA on 8/31 no LED on card. Called vendor support–3.5 hours later the HBA was considered bad and a new HBA was sent out–4 hour delivery. New HBA installed, but still loading SAN drives. Lights are now working on both HBA and switch.

Called back support engineer at 9am left voice message. Called vendor support at 11 am to talk with another engineer and was told our call would be assigned to another engineer. Original engineer called back at 4pm to apologize that another engineer had not been assigned. Dual entries seen in switch, old entry removed and system rebooted and SAN drives are not visible.

Restarted databases.