Resnet DHCP Server Problem Resolved

A number of people in Resnet, mostly centered in the Langlow subnet, but not restricted to that area, had been reporting receiving invalid IP addresses, even though they had successfully registered their machines. The dhcpd.conf file had valid bootp entries for these machines as well. An astute student gave us a crucial piece of information – students that had registered after a certain time (unclear, but probably last week) were having the problem, while students resgistered before that time were working properly. This led me to believe that the dhcpd daemon was not running with the current version of its .conf file, and that a restart of the daemon would resolve the problem. When we attempted to restart the dhcpd process, it was found that the restart_dhcpd perl script was not running, whihc would explain the problem. Upon restarting the dhcpd, the problem was resolved.