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The Countdown Begins…

In exactly three weeks I will be arriving in Paris. I cannot believe how quickly summer has passed. This whole trip finally started feeling real after receiving my visa in the mail last week. I guess I better start thinking … Continue reading

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Buh Bye Madison!

It’s the night before I take off for France, and I could NOT be more excited. Well, I would be feeling a bit better if my bags were 100% packed and my room was clean, but that’ll all be taken … Continue reading

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Poppins’ Packing: Unreal Expectations for Baggage

Let’s begin this story by talking about the Walt Disney movie, Mary Poppins. It’s that kind of blog. When I was five-years-old, I would watch Mary Poppins at least once a week in our basement. It was a wondrous time. I would sing along with Julie Andrews, kick my legs up for the dance numbers and-because my parents couldn’t be around all of the time- jump off the couch with an umbrella and try to fly. (Thinking happy thoughts had been getting me absolutely nowhere and it was time for action. Even then, I was sensible child.) What I really remember from the movie though is Mary Poppin’s fantastic bag.

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The Calm Before The Storm

I feel like I should do a blog before leaving for Scotland on the 8th (5 days!) just to recap all of the work that it actually takes to study abroad before departure… I’m entirely sure that the paperwork will … Continue reading

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