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A return to the mountains, the forests, and the chillier nights. This all happened in my excursion to Kedougou a town close to the Guinea border. Kedougou seemed to be the Portland of the United States for bicycles. Everyone has … Continue reading

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The Trip

Classes were finished, finals were approaching, spring was springing. So, naturally, I took off with my boys in a green and purple camper van for 12 days. (Above picture taken by Connor of course) 14 October The Tea Party! Drinking … Continue reading

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The Tale of Tuam

I must preface this entry by explaining how and why I found myself in Tuam in the first place. I wish I had an exciting story, but I don’t. My study abroad program really wants to make sure that their … Continue reading

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Last week of classes!

Next Wednesday will be more exciting…

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Fun Facts!

Yes, it is that time for a few random facts about life in Senegal. These are just little tidbits about everyday life, or just fun occurrences that have happened to either myself or someone around me, enjoy! Warning: Some of … Continue reading

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It’s complicated.

I’ve now been in France for almost three weeks, and I feel that our relationship is moving on to a new level, one that cannot yet be explained otherwise. Though I’ve lived in France before, this experience is completely different, … Continue reading

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Narrated Slide Show of an Excursion

Location: Touba Mosque. Founded by Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba. Muslims from all over pilgrimage here sometimes too. My language professor told us the following history. Bamba was in a French boat sailing from Europe to Africa, he looked at his watch … Continue reading

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Le Kankouran

WARNING: no pictures only a lot of text, because this ceremony is so sacred that pictures are forbidden. You can look online, but all the pictures are indeed protected so I can’t just copy and paste the picture here. But … Continue reading

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Packed Pubs and Victorious Dubs

This program was one of the things I was most looking forward to upon my arrival to Ireland, and not just because it let me get over here nearly a month before the start of term. This has been one of the best classes I have ever taken; it taught me so much about the history, culture, and literature of Ireland that all of it is now spilling out of my brain and mouth and whatever other orifices it can find.

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