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Hey, America!

Nineteen days.  19.  Oddly, the “culture shock” has been more abrasive upon returning to America than it was when I entered Germany.  Perhaps because, when I went to Germany, everything was new and exciting, an adventure!  I tried to absorb … Continue reading

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A Week of Transition

This past week has definitely been one of the most trying weeks I’ve had to endure while here in Chile. When I first arrived in Chile I definitely had to deal with a lot of new challenges and some things … Continue reading

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Phom yuu tii nii nueng pii leyaow!

Twenty three days on the road, traveling through Nepal and Myanmar, had worn me out.  I walked off the plane in Chiang Mai, ready to go back to my apartment, collapse, and put off unpacking for several days.  Suddenly, I … Continue reading

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Did I Really Just See That??!!

I haven’t written in a while and I feel like whenever I don’t write for a couple of weeks, I must give an explanation. I love writing the blog and I like making it punctual for you all, so usually … Continue reading

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Mount Takao: Hiking, humidity and house abandonment

Awaking to the chipper, automated voice of a Japanese woman as she announced my train’s arrival at Takao Station, I sleepily looked out the nearest window to find a large stone tengu head, staring defiantly down the platform to my left. Primarily … Continue reading

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A small taste…

Hello my long-awaiting readers! My deepest apologies for the long delay between this post and the last one. One thing led to another and I found myself so engaged in my life here that every time it crossed my mind … Continue reading

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