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Arriving in Santiago

Hola de Santiago de Chile! After a few bumps in the road I have finally arrived in Chile. The day my flight was supposed to leave, there was a blizzard in Denver and all the flights out of the city … Continue reading

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Umbrian Undertakings

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This is My Job

You may be wondering what a typical work-week looks like, for me.  Wonder no longer!  For I have obliged to satisfy your curiosity, and describe last week in the paragraphs below. I normally teach in three classes on Mondays: the … Continue reading

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The City

My host family went skiing in Northern Italy for the week. Jealous? Tell me about it. Well I avoided going home as much as possible aside for having some friends from school over for home made pizza. With the host … Continue reading

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I feel rather immersed in Irish culture by this point (as I should–it’s midterm this week which means I’ve been here 6 whole school weeks).  I can take buses to where I need to go, I can take trains and … Continue reading

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Things Fall Apart

It’s been one of those weeks (well, week-and-a-halves to be precise). The internet at the house conveniently stopped working for three days in the middle of last week and thus I was unable to post all of the exciting news … Continue reading

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London Calling

Long time no see! Sorry about that– it’s been rather hectic in this neck of the woods. I’m back in Europe for my second semester of studying abroad, this time I’ll be spending the next term in London! It was … Continue reading

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Roma Bound

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Castle for Rent

Over the past two weeks I was reintroduced to the art of slow, steady breathing. Breathing, it would seem, is a rather important function that I quite conveniently forgot during the chaos that was the preceding three weeks. Consequently, I … Continue reading

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This was a week where I participated in several Irish traditions.  It’s a lot of fun to figure out what traditions exist in a particular place, and following them is equally entertaining at times.  They occasionally make no sense to … Continue reading

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