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Greetings From Greifswald!

14. October 2012 Despite it being mid-October already, or nearly, Greifswald is still gorgeous.  We have days that are cold and gray and rainy, for sure, but they are not unrelenting.  This weekend, I could walk outside in short sleeves, … Continue reading

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Hygge is in the Air

A dangerous part of traveling the world, is that you take the risk of falling in love with a place you will eventually have to leave. Istanbul, Turkey is that place for me. For the past week I’ve been feeling … Continue reading

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Connemara Craic*

*A very long blog post now ensues. The first weekend in October marked the date of our IFSA-Butler-funded trip to the Killary Adventure Centre. We Cork students met the bus at 11:30 on Friday morning and headed off toward the … Continue reading

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When the gettin’ gets good: LIFE IN MILANO!

Mi dispiace per non ho scritto nel mese! (I’m sorry for not having written in a month!) Things have been absolutely CRAZY. I realize that I haven’t written a blog post in about a month or so, but it’s been … Continue reading

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Getting Acclimated

I am sitting in a large, five story bookstore full of books I can hardly comprehend and drinking a coffee I can hardly bare to sip. Where the hell am I? If you guessed Hangzhou, China you are correct. So … Continue reading

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…And My Heart Will Go On…

Even if I had to leave Cobh, last port of call of the Titanic, behind. My day in Cobh made for my first off-campus adventure since arriving in Cork. I took the bus to the city centre, walked to the … Continue reading

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