This past weekend the group went to Alsace to visit the European Parliament, Castle Koenigsbourg, vineyards, and picturesque French villages. The guide at the Parliament showed us how the seats in the big meeting rooms are organized by political orientation as opposed to countries. It made me think about what would happen if European country lines were redrawn based on political persuasion. Those seated on the left, center, and right all get their own country. While sitting in the Parliament seats during the tour, we quickly found out that the mic’s on the desks could be turned on. Needless to say, we had a bit of fun…

Photo by: Greta Heller

While getting the tour of Castle Koenigsbourg, I had the idea of someday (assuming I have the money) buying some sort of castle, or similar ancient structure, and turning it into a summer camp. How sweet would that be? Here’s an example: “Dear mommy, summer camp at castle Kubler is soooo much fun. Today we played invaders and defenders on the ramparts and I dumped a bucket of ping-pong balls of my friend Timmy, after his forces made it up the ramparts we had a deadly sword fight with foam noodles. For chore I had to clean and polish the cannon, while the rest of my bunk-mates fed the animals. Tomorrows activity is rock climbing the castle walls. I never want to leave. Love, Fredrick” See what I mean? Kid paradise.

Photo by: Greta Heller

Here’s a shot of most of the gang sitting in a vineyard, its pretty candid.

Photo by: Greta Heller

We talked briefly about Absurdism in Art History class last week, so I checked out the Wikipedia page (like any good college student) and was profoundly intrigued. The idea that the world and our existence have no inherent meaning is pretty shocking at first glance, but, oddly enough, the absurdity of life is sometimes easier to understand than the meaning of life. If life really did have a meaning, that would be absurd!  A meaning of life would inherently reject all other supposed meanings of life. Absurdity is all everything and nothing. I recommend checking out the Wikipedia page, its a great resource.

“Why do you think this is the best solution????” -Daisy the Canadian on getting DYSE’d in a situation where the French persons English is much worse than her French. So true… happens all the time.

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