Kiwis are really complicated. I’ve realized that the narcissism level here is basically nonexistent, people just don’t care about themselves the same way, and people don’t care about one another in the same way. Even with advertising, like in the U.S. it’s all “YOU YOU YOU” but here it’s like “Heyyy want some new shoes maybe?”. But, with that, comes a loss of the value of the self. Meaning, there’s zero emphasis on individuality or creativity or authenticity. Eunice (our coordinator) was telling me about this “tallest poppy in the field” complex, where NZers don’t really know how to praise one another or don’t react well when other people do well, and usually people are just jealous (not envious). So when you mix that with their brutal honesty, it’s a little strange. People are really
hard on each other, fairly negative I’d say, but it’s a totally different purpose since there is so much less emphasis on the self in so many ways. I haven’t heard one person say “I love you” to someone else or something incredibly kind to one another, affection is just not really displayed or expressed. I guess it’s just not important, but as an American I sense a sort of coldness. They appreciate humor, but I feel like my jokes are taken so differently here that it makes me think twice.

This week is going much better. I got to play some frisbee! A lot of frisbee actually, turns out frisbee players are all the same. I have a doppleganger for almost every player back in the states. And frisbee will also be a fast track to friends I’m guessing. We practiced in an indoor horse arena. Meaning sand on concrete..I see shin splints in my future :/
I’ve felt two earthquakes since my last post, and they don’t seem to be slowing down (although scientifically I guess they are?) Hopefully I’ll go on a little adventure this weekend and will report back!


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