First Week of School

OMG LiEk StRuGgle FeSt 2011

How you can tell I’m American:
-I don’t have a black down jacket
-I veer to the right, where here, they veer to the left, which on the first day was just like “oops!” “sorry!” “oh, gosh” “‘scuse me” “sorry” “oops” every time I had to go anywhere
-I have to look at campus directories like a dweeb in between each class
-everyone turns around and looks at me when I talk in class
-every time I have to pay for something with a card it doesn’t work
-I think it’s funny when I’m handed a sausage on buttered bread for the 4th day in a row
-I have no friends
-I talk about Cookie Time cookies all the time. SO GOOD.
The friends part, I’m sure will change, but it’s been a bit of a struggle for the first week. It’s frustrating, because at such a big school it’s harder to meet people because not everyone knows everyone. But frisbee starts on Sunday, and I joined some clubs: philosophy and reason (whadddddduppp), wine and cheese, potluck, outdoor club (turns out outdoorsy people are all the same….I try not to roll my eyes. At least I have a micropuff), and kayak (yeah I don’t know why either, kayaking is terrifying).

Host family is going alright. Judy cooks bomb food all the time, and is super easy to talk to. Graeme felt for some reason that he should send me this email about meals, friends, and boys that was out of no where. But Judy told me not to worry about it, seeing as we have a perfect system working as far as when I’ll be home for dinner and what I need for lunch and stuff and Graeme never cooks or shares any sort of preference about my comings and goings. So awesome, Graeme, way to make me feel even weirder about being here. So that’s just me being frustrated, I’m looking forward to things improving and finding some friends and figuring out how to do well in school here.

I felt another earthquake on Thursday morning, people feel them randomly all the time, it just depends on what you’re doing and where you are.

It’s been a frustrating week, funny how people’s accents go from being cute to freaking annoying when you’re in a bad mood. The weather will only improve, I will only get more adjusted, and I will only make more friends. So, cheers to the future!

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