Original Phishing Message

From: Meta for Business <facebook[@]bussiness-support-team[.]com>
Subject: Urgent Notice: Your Ad Account Demands Immediate Action.

Tips for Detection

  • Notice that the sender email address is facebook[@]bussiness-support-team[.]com. Legitimate account notification emails from Instagram or Facebook will come from @mail.instagram.com or @facebookmail.com.
  • Notice the false sense of urgency in language like “24-hour account restriction” and “implore you to initiate an immediate account review”.
  • The link does not go where you would expect. Always investigate links before clicking. Alternately, go to the known website of a company instead of clicking links in an email.
  • Notice the mailing address is in Ireland and is not the address of Meta’s headquarters.

Text of Phishing Message

From: Meta for Business <facebook[@]bussiness-support-team[.]com>
Subject: Urgent Notice: Your Ad Account Demands Immediate Action.

Your account is currently under review, and suspension is a possible outcome.

Dear [name removed]

I trust this message finds you well. We are reaching out to address a matter of utmost importance related to your recent advertising campaign. Our thorough analysis, fueled by valuable customer feedback, has uncovered significant policy violations that cannot be overlooked.

In response to these concerns, we have implemented a 24-hour account restriction to facilitate a meticulous review. A summary of the customer feedback highlights several critical issues:
-Unauthorized use of prohibited images and content.
-Incorporation of non-copyrighted materials without proper authorization.
-Allegations of collecting personal information from individuals without explicit consent.

To swiftly address and rectify any potential misunderstandings, we implore you to initiate an immediate account review by clicking the button below:

Request Review [link removed]

Your cooperation is pivotal in upholding the standards of our advertising platform. Failure to respond within the next 24 hours may regrettably result in a permanent account restriction. We genuinely appreciate your prompt attention to resolving these concerns.

Best regards,
Meta Ads Support Team.

This message was sent to [username removed]@pugetsound.edu. For security reasons, please refrain from forwarding this email.

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