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I'm Katy, and I enjoy puns, hair dye, and cats, among other things. Expect talk about music, events, food, and the surrounding Tacoma area, along with a truly frightening amount of wordplay. I am a history major with a gender studies minor. Join me as I talk about what we do here at UPS! :)

The Process of the Future

After arriving on campus for my junior year, I had thought I would be in a very different place than I am currently, roughly a week before Fall Break. Like, not physically, obviously, but mentally. “eye”* had thought I would be more prepared for both Nanowrimo and for my semester abroad in Prague this spring. Alas, I am still in the throes of the visa process, and in the planning process for my novel.**

I had (foolishly) thought that I would be finished with my visa right now; however, the most challenging part of the study abroad process is, well, challenging me. However, I comfort myself with the knowledge that as difficult as the process is, in roughly four and a half months I will be sitting in my dorm in Prague, plotting out where I am going to explore in the city next, along with people who I will be exploring with. It will be sad to leave my friends here for a semester, but I will meet new people and have so many new experiences. At least, that is what I tell myself to keep from panicking.

All this goes to show that the future? Is something that everyone occasionally struggles with. The future is made up of our perceptions until it becomes the present, as corny as that sounds, and therefore it will literally never be how we think it will be. In other words, the future is a process, and is what we make of it.

Haha, this sounds a lot more serious than I normally am. I guess midterms and heavy thoughts about the future will do that to a post! But seriously (like, even more seriously than this seriousness? Which is pretty serious, tbh), for people who are going to have their midterms, or their own semesters abroad, or are on their semesters abroad, or are deciding what they’re going to do after college, whatever– don’t despair! You will do absolutely fine, and things will go well. Study hard, don’t forget to relax, and definitely make time for friends and other things! Good luck! 🙂

Geez, reading over that last paragraph, I feel like I should be handing out popcorn or something, there is just SO MUCH corniness there. Perhaps even candy corn, given that it is seasonally appropriate right now. Oh well.

*This is the first of many bad puns you will be hearing from me. I would say more and better right now, but my brain is still in the Midterm Head Space, so. Sorry about that.
** By planning process, I mean that I have one character thought out and the vaguest semblance of a plot, which, if I were smart***about it, I would be working on developing more.
*** Actually, if I were smart about this, I wouldn’t be doing Nanowrimo this year in light of all the other things I have to do. But, writing is fun, and I feel really good about this November, so not only will I do it, but I will also update you with my progress, because I can.