{Network and Wi-Fi} Update on Library and Chapel Network Outage – Still in Progress

This is an announcement from Technology Services (TS).  Please see the details below
Network and Wi-Fi : Update on Library and Chapel Network Outage Issue started on Sunday, January 22 around 11 a.m.
CURRENT STATUS: The Network and Wi-Fi in the Library and Chapel are currently down due to an inter-building fiber failure. TS currently has an external resource onsite helping troubleshoot and remediate the issue. TS is working to ensure this issue is resolved by the end of today. An update will be provided as new information is available or if more time is needed to resolve the issue.

  • Please find alternatives for printing and internet access, as they will not be available in the library until this is resolved. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Here are a few resources while the network and Wi-Fi are unavailable in Collins Library and Kilworth Memorial Chapel
    • Electronic Library Resources: The library website and electronic resources remain available if you are connecting to them from outside the library building or from off-campus. 
    • Computer Labs: Here is a list of computer labs across campus. 
    • Printing Locations: Here is a list of student printing areas across campus. 
    • Rescheduling Events: If you need to reschedule an event or have questions about other meeting locations please contact reservations@pugetsound.edu.  
    • Research Assistance: If you need research assistance or you have other library-related questions, please email libref@pugetsound.edu, and a library staff member will be in touch
    • Additional Library Contacts: Please contact Peggy Burge (pburge@pugetsound.edu)  and Jane Carlin (jrcarlin@pugetsound.edu)  if you have immediate concerns related to Collins Library.
    • Kilworth Memorial Chapel Contact: Please contact kilworthchapel@pugetsound.edu  if you have immediate concerns related to Kilworth Memorial Chapel. 
    • Technical Support: For support questions please contact the TS Service Desk by emailing servicedesk@pugetsound.edu or via phone at 253-879-8585. 

For more information on Technology Services’ Incident Communication Plan or to view a list of our Critical Systems and definitions, please visit our Service Announcements page on the Puget Sound Website.