[Tscommunications] {Network} DHCP/IP Address Issue – July 1, 2020

This is an announcement from Technology Services (TS). Please see details below.

NETWORK: Intermittent DHCP/IP Address Issue

July 1st, 2020

SYSTEMS IMPACTED:  Wired devices trying to access the network.

REASON FOR IMPACT: We are currently experiencing an issue with devices not able to get an IP address on wired networks.  Wireless seems mostly unaffected.  We are investigating this issue and will update as we find out more information.  If you are currently working do not reboot your computer as this may cause you to lose network connectivity.



·        In the event that we have a longer than anticipated outage, we will send out an update

·        For more information on Technology Services’ Incident Communication Plan or to view a list of our Critical Systems and definitions, please visit our Service Announcements page on the Puget Sound website.


For support questions please contact the TS Service Desk via phone at 253-879-8585.