{PeopleSoft DEV/TST} PLANNED MAINTENANCE: Refreshes – Thurs, Jan 24 @ 6 a.m. – Fri Jan 25 @ 5 p.m.

The following planned maintenance refreshes have been completed.

PeopleSoft Refreshes: Planned Maintenance

Thursday, January 24 @ 6 a.m. – Friday, January 25 @ 5 p.m.


·         DEV Refreshes:

o   Impact: The following PeopleSoft DEV environments will be unavailable [PA91DEV, CS92DEV, FN92DEV, HR92DEV]

o   Duration: Thursday, January 24th all day

·         TST Refreshes:

o   Impact: All PeopleSoft TST environments will be unavailable [PA91TST, CS92TST, FN92TST, HR92TST]

o   Duration: Friday, January 25th all day