{Internet/ Network} Firewall Upgrade, August 4 from Midnight to 4 a.m.

This is an announcement from Technology Services (TS). Please see details below.

Internet/ Network: Firewall Upgrade

Saturday, August 4 from Midnight to 4:00 a.m.

REASON FOR IMPACT: Technology Services will be replacing our current Cisco firewall with a next generation Palo Alto firewall. During the maintenance window, midnight to 4:00 a.m., access to all Puget Sound sites and services, including pugetsound.edu, my.pugetsound.edu, vDesk and VPN will be unavailable if you are not on campus and there will be intermittent loss of Internet access if you are on campus.



·       A network firewall is used to help protect our internal Puget Sound network from both external and internal threats. Firewalls help information technology teams wall off portions of technology systems, like our Puget Sound servers, from general Internet access, which is a key step in preventing unauthorized access to our University data and systems. Next generation firewalls like the Palo Alto we’re installing are also setup to help mitigate potential threats as they are happening, in the moment they are happening. Older firewalls have less proactive toolsets and rely on staff to manually update configurations to address potential threats.

·       We will use this TS Communications list serve to post updates as we complete this work.

·       For more information on Technology Services’ Incident Communication Plan or to view a list of our Critical Systems and definitions, please visit our Service Announcements page on the Puget Sound website.


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