December 23, 2008: Spam Quarantine Unavailable 5-10am

On December 23rd from 5-10am the Sophos PureMessage spam may be unavailable for some messages/users.  Mail will continue to be delivered as per normal.  Should a user be unable to remove or deliver a message from their quarantine they should try again after 10am.

Due to a campus wide power outage from 5-7am on 12/23, this outage may be postponed depending on completion of that outage.

~~~~~~~~ Update 12/23 8:50am ~~~~~~~~~~~

This upgrade is progressing well, however it is taking a bit longer than expected.  We may still make it up by 10am, but 11am is more realistic.

Please note that mail is being delivered normally and without delay, it’s just half of the spam quarantine is unavailable until 11am.

~~~~~~~ Update at 11:20 ~~~~~~~~~

The quarantine is now back online.  From approximately 10:50-11:15am the quarantine was available off and on.  Please contact the helpdesk if you have problems accessing your quarantine.