Commvault Updates

Wed 2/20 – I updated Galaxy with 7.0 and SP2. Rebooted Galaxy
Thu 2/21 – I updated Alexandria, BE1, BE2, Crystal, Rainier with 7.0
– installed SP2 and updates on Alexandria, BE1, and BE2
Mon 2/25 – I started to install 7.0 on the iDataAgents and to push SP2 and post updates to the client computers. I rebooted Kronos and MSproject to finish their upgrades. I updated Crystal and Rainier with SP2 and post updates. The post updates broke the Online Full backups on Rainier. Crystal did not properly install SP2 so it did not get the broken updates post SP2.
Tue 2/26 – Worked with Commvault on the issue and stopped the Online Full backups for Rainier until the problem is resolved.
Wed 2/27 – Updated Galaxy with post SP2 updates. Uninstalled updates to Rainier and Crystal and reinstalled SP2 only from the disk. Tested the Online Fulls and reenabled the schedules for those backups. Continued to upgrade and update iDataAgents.

Thu 2/28 – Installed 7.0 Base on Shasta