Addresses Now Delivered

For background on this problem, see the January 12 weblog entry.

A new domain,, was defined with an MX record pointing to the antivirus gateway (AVG). This allows us to deliver messages destined for addresses of the form We will leave this in place until 1 July.

This was done because there was some ambiguity in the campuswide email message that was sent out, and because we were forced to make the change on January 12th with very little notice. The text of the campuswide message follows below:

The Office of Information Services requests your assistance in
confirming the proper return address for e-mail messages in Eudora or

We have been working for the last four years to ensure that all e-mail
clients are properly configured with a return address of After recently enforcing this policy, some messages
were undeliverable because this setting had been removed on desktop

Within Microsoft Outlook,

  1. Select Tools and E-mail Accounts.
  2. The E-mail Address: field should be set to
  3. Click on More Settings . . ., and check the Reply E-mail: field
    on the General settings tab. This field should also be

Within Qualcomm Eudora,

  1. Select Tools and Options.
  2. In the Getting Started category, the Return address: field
    should be set to
  3. Next select the Sending Mail category, and confirm the Return
    address: field is also set to

If your Reply E-mail or Return address is not set to
you risk losing replies to your e-mail messages.

The enforcement of this setting was brought about by the recent
increase in volume of viruses and undeliverable message to the
University mail server. For more information about this change please
follow this link,

If you have questions or concerns about your return address please
contact the Information Services Help Desk, or (253)