Hey, America!

Nineteen days.  19.  Oddly, the “culture shock” has been more abrasive upon returning to America than it was when I entered Germany.  Perhaps because, when I went to Germany, everything was new and exciting, an adventure!  I tried to absorb it all, as quickly as I could.  My feelings about returning to the States are and were very mixed, very bittersweet.  I notice a new perspective, one that I believe can only be gained with experience outside one’s home; I now have a comparison, a contrast, one that I did not, before my year abroad.  I notice differences in clothing styles, speech mannerisms, etiquette, culture, music, relations, things that I never saw before.  Some of it is positive; some not so much.  Regardless, it affirms my opinion that everyone who can live abroad for a period, should, if only to realize all of the different possibilities in life.

That’s all, Loggers.  Enjoy the summer.  =D

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