Tidbits and Sundries

Germans do not understand the difference between cupcakes and muffins.  I have tried to explain, several times, and I have even baked both, as examples, but they do not understand.  This completely mystifies me, since I have seen muffins all over the place, and there is even a little cupcake shop in Berlin, Tiger Toertchen.

The lovely Kayla visited me, this weekend.  My first visitor!  I guess Greifswald is not high up on people’s places to visit, unlike Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, etc.  Sadly, the weather was less than excellent, but we braved the damp cold, and walked around the Innenstadt.  Our time together was particularly low-key, since I just happened to also get sick on Friday.  This is particularly bad timing, since I was supposed to co-chaperone one of the 12th grade classes on Tuesday.  They are going to the zoo in Rostock, and I really, really wanted to go!  I miss my 12th graders, and I’ve never been to Rostock (except for the train station).  Judging by my current half-alive, half-dead state, I will not be going.  🙁  Crossing my fingers for a recovery by Friday– Fabian, Mackenzie and I are going to go to Berlin for the weekend, to see the Wise Guys in concert.

What I do when I am sick:

  • sleep
  • appreciate how I am no longer in school, and I don’t have to worry about falling behind
  • watch classic Doctor Who
  • sleep
  • watch the new Doctor Who episode
  • spend hours browsing Doctor Who-themed tumblrs
  • sleep
  • watch classic Doctor Who
  • go back to the tumblrs
  • complain to my roommates about being sick, thus coercing them into feeding me and giving me cold meds.
  • oooh, drugs.
  • sleep.

thumb_davidtennantdoc Can’t… words…Blargh.


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