100 Minuten

I am no longer convinced I work at the Gymnasium.  On Monday, I was feeling sick, so I stayed home and rested.  I mostly slept and drank tea.  On Tuesday, I was needed in neither the 8C, or the 7B.  I taught for 55 minutes in the 11A, and 45 minutes in the 7A.  Wednesday, there was a teachers’ strike in the entire Bundesland, so no school.  Thursday, the 8D was taking a test, so I didn’t go to them, and instead of teaching in the afternoon, I accompanied the 11th and 12th graders on a field trip– to the cinema, where we watched the new Lincoln movie.  Thus, I worked a total of 100 minutes, this week.  O_o

I have been putting the time to good use, working on applications for when I get back.  The average job hunt takes six months, and I return in just four.  Even I am jobless and homeless when I return, at least I will have started my search!

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