The Sacred Valley

Peru keeps getting better and better! The Sacred Valley is simply amazing. I have seen more Inca ruins then I ever thought possible. The people here are incredibly friendly and the sights are unforgettable. Unfortunately, my final formal interview with an employee from a large mining company was canceled at the last minute, but I am working to set up a new time to meet. In the meantime, I have been able to talk to many local Peruvians about the mining industry. As it turns out, there seems to be a nation wide sentiment amoungst the Peruvian people that mining industry is harmful to both culture and health. Tomorrow I am making a trip to Machu Picchu! I am so excited to these ancient Inca ruins! My final destination is the southern city of Arequipa. Arequipa is well know as one of the three mining capitals of Peru- I cannot wait!

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