So after the airline almost lost my reservation (which was miraculously found again once Mom went into Rage-Mode), and almost missing a connecting flight in Bangkok because I accidentally spent a long time standing in a ticketing line clearly marked “Children/Disabled/Monks” (duh!), I was finally able to relax.  And by relax, I mean I went and taught my first 2-hour Media-Arts class.

It actually wasn’t too bad.  The students were hilarious, and it was fairly relaxed.  I’ll be helping them edit video for various video journalism projects.  Their projects will be broadcast to the other classrooms during school hours.  I’m pretty excited for this, as it is way more involved than my high school media arts program was.

The Prince Royal’s College campus is amazing.  Its a K-12 school, of 6,000 students, which is larger than my high school and college combined.  The facilities are very nice, and the school provides students with a lot of opportunities, like foreign exchange programs to sister schools.

Here’s a view from my temporary apartment.

The humidity is unreal.  It has been difficult to feel professional during my meetings with fellow employees and the students, as my face has been producing A RIVER of sweat.  Also, I did some foolish packing.  There are some items that I realize now that I will never wear.  For example, I thought a heavy duty rain jacket would be helpful for the rainy season….to keep me dry, right?  Wrong.  The second that jacket is zipped up, it created a self contained sauna.  Note to self: find an umbrella.

I was treated to dinner by a colleague, and had my first taste of Thai food in Thailand.  Also, Mangosteens.  Heard of these things?  They’re awesome.

Watched Jurassic Park 3 in Thai.  Surprisingly, I’m still not fluent.  Guess my students will be getting total immersion English lessons.

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