First Week in Vienna

It is my first Friday in Wien!!  After our German test, my teacher, Frau Johnson, took us to a really decent wine tavern that was established in the 17th century (Haydn went there, of course!).  I had a glass of Weisswein and now I am back at the institute typing on a German keyboard.  I keep messing up because the y and z switch places on these keyboards.  Too bad I can’t figure out how to type ß!  Oh, oh I found it!  Weißwein.  There!

A little study room at the IES Center

Kunsthistorisches Museum

I auditioned for Music Workshop on Wednesday.  I have to say, I had been worried about this required audition for more than a month.  It totally dampened my spirits over winter break.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be admitted, of course.  But my other concern was that we had to play in front of all the music program students!  I really believed that after the audition I will have no friends.  But after the audition, people still talk to me, and even tell me I did well (and of course I messed up here and there).  It’s unbelievable!  Now I feel like a whole person – I feel like I can play what I can, be who I am, and still have friends.

This first week of intensive German was, intense.  Lots and lots of vocabulary to memorize.  I want to know them, but there so much more to do and to see in Vienna and I feel bad sitting at my desk!  Next week we have tests almost everyday, oral test/presentation, essay, articles, und… was noch?  I suppose I could have switched down a level, since Intermediate II is a bit too advanced for me.  It might seem very lame to be studying and worrying about school work.  But think about it.  One of my main goals is to become better in German.  Obviously I have to put some time and effort into it and this is my perfect chance to refine my language skills.  I think it should be worthwhile.  Next week, I could go see three operas next week with my roommates (Stehplätze are cheap), on the other hand though, I am content to just live the Vienna life, like a regular resident of the city.  I like walking down random alleys, going grocery shopping, sitting in parks, browsing in a bookstore, riding the bus and trains with other regular Viennese people, and maybe go see one opera next week.  And of course, the intensive German things are going to keep me busy.  This is actually this first time I have some downtime to reflect and write.

It snowed today.  I don’ know if it will snow more.  I haven’t seen Vienna in snow yet.

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