A Universal Hobby

Jellyfish at Zoo

Some people may disagree with me but I sincerely believe a universal hobby is going to the zoo. My relatives in Vietnam find it fascinating, Germans seem to enjoy it, I love going to the zoo…everyone loves going to the zoo. So, I went to the zoo with a friend last weekend because hallelujah, it was not raining nor was it under 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

The most fascinating thing about German zoos is not the animals but their idea of what type of security (or lack thereof) should be in place. Take this picture as an example:

Scary Rhino What is inherently wrong with this?

Still can’t figure it out? I took this picture without using any zoom function on my camera. That “fence” was the only barrier between that beautiful rhino and me. Have you read James and the Giant Peach? If you have, you know what I’m talking about when I mention James’ parents.

Another example that I did not capture on my camera: a German woman decided to pet a swimming penguin. There was no barrier between humans and the penguin enclosure but the glass that held the pool of water for the little penguins. There were a few penguins that swam quite close to the glass and the curious woman decided to endanger both her hand, her health, the penguin and the PH level of the water by touching the poor thing while it swam right by her. I almost fainted.

One last treat for you all:

People are evilLion Pee

The first picture shows the enemies of some animal (I can’t remember now which animal it was) and the most hilarious enemy would have to be “man”. He looks like a thief dressed up as a logger with a baseball cap on.

The translation of the second picture: CAUTION! Lion sprays (aka urinates) through the bars (of enclosure). Despite this warning, there were massive groups almost directly in front of the enclosures (ok…let’s say 5 feet away) and people continually trying to elbow their way to the front. I was not one of those people, especially after seeing that sign.

I’ll be in Bavaria starting tomorrow until next Friday, the 22nd, and then I’ll be in Mainz during next weekend. I’m the only ETA in Fulbright with only one week of Fall Break (all the other schools have 2 weeks off) and I’m definitely going to use that time well as a birthday gift to myself. I only work about 12 hours a week, so please don’t think I’m upset about only getting one week off. I won’t be using the internet during this time (hello…it’s vacation), so I’ll post after Herbstferien is over! I’ll be traveling with one of my best friends, which means I’m being responsible and not traveling alone 🙂

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