LoveHate: The Ireland Edition

Here are all the things I hate after being here for a month, particularly things that stood out to me today:

1) Having to buy your grocery bags and when you forget them, having to lug heavy groceries all the way back home in the mugginess…

2) The tiny-ness of everything.  Why must everything be so much more expensive and so much smaller??  Not cool. 

3) People never move out of the way here.  You will run into at least 100 people a day I swear, at least if you walk as much as I do.  And I thought Americans were rude.

4) Nothing is open past 6:30 pm (except for pubs).

5) Everyone here is “Catholic,” but no one really believes or follows their suppossed beliefs.

6) Psychology here is a lot less respected.  Also not cool, they need to get crackin’ and get more serious!

7) Since I now have work experience here, I can honestly say that more laid-back is not necessarily better, but rather you still sit in an office all day and are even more bored because you have either nothing to do or something very undirected to do.

8 ) The diffused Irish culture of Dublin.  All English speakers pretty much and such a mix of people that the Irish culture is lost in the city.   

9) Terrible, if any at all, customer service.  WOWOWOW.

Well.  That’s really all I can think of…Now for the happy ending!  I love…

1) The countryside of Ireland.  I would move there in a heartbeat if it was a real option right now.  It is exactly what you’d expect, typical green beauty. 

2) The word “craic.”  I will be saying “good craic” for years to come, just you wait and see. 

3) The chocolate is so much better here!  My new favorite candy bar is Cadbury Snack…delicious!  I’ve been getting it wayyyy too often…

4) Their love for football (aka soccer) is so much more exciting!  And in general, hurling, gaelic football and rugby and way more fun to watch!  Entertaining to the end. 

5) The fact that everything is so walkable here (and bikeable too, obviously!).

6) The beautiful buildings, churches everywhere and giant, old buildings now used for something other than what they once were.

7) Irish music when you can actually find it playing!  It’s so pleasant-sounding and lively!

8 ) Obviously the accent.

9) I love that pretty much everyone goes to the pubs.  We go on our IES Abroad outtings and it’s just chill.  You watch the game, go to talk to your friends and have a drink or 2.  It’s not sleazy (unless you go to Temple Bar) and it’s a ‘grand’ time. 

10) The Irishes’ obsession with America.  It’s cute and makes me feel super cool.  Duh.  Actually, it sucks cause it melds the cultures together a bit, but at the same time it’s funny because they love us.  They love our music, our tv, our celebrities, our country, our autonomy, our ideas!  We’re great!

11) The smells here.  Irish people have the best perfume.  Every woman wears the same perfume, I’m pretty sure.  And the guys all seem to smell the same too!  It’s sorta strange.  I really want to buy the perfume though, it’s strong yet not too in the face and reminiscent of my time here so far.

12) The loose stones and cement blocks in the sidewalk.  I hunt them down, it’s fun stepping on the wobbly ones.  Just don’t step in any holes where cobblestones have gone missing, not so great!

13) Guinness and Jameson.  I know we have it, but it’s everywhere here and it tastes better.  It really does.

14) EVERYTHING.  I feckin’ love it here.  The end.  The fact that my program is up in 2 weeks depresses me a LOT.  I love my housemates; they are amazing.  This place is beautiful, friendly, fun, warm, cozy, feels like home already.  I never want to leave.  I highly suggest studying here for more than a summer!  🙂

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