Whoever said it rains in Ireland…

…was a big, fat liar!  It has been nothing but sun, sun, sun.  And when I say that, I hope I am not tempting the fates to pour down liquid sunshine.  I get enough of that at home.  But seriously, there has been enough sun to better than lovely sun glasses tan line that I have on my nose.  Attractive, really. 

So I tried to put up a picture of Trinity, where my internship is.  It failed, as you can blatantly see.  Today was my last day this week, yay!  Such a long week.  It’s a cool place, don’t get me wrong.  But I want to SEE things too!  By the time I get off, nearly everything is closed.  And some of the people I’m working with…well, Murray.  He’s the lawyer there, the barister, if you will.  He is the most awkward little fellow you will ever meet.  And then of course there is Dr. McGuckin, whom I mainly work for.  That’s probably enough said right there.  The smoothest one there is the younger, calmer Garret O’Moore with whom I got to sit in with today to watch in a psychological assessment!  Very cool and difficult to find this opportunity elsewhere.  The poor woman was crying the whole time though…it was an eye-opener definitely.  Probably shouldn’t say much more.  What else…there are 4 other American interns, 2 of which have already started, with me.  We have been getting lunch and sometimes going out for Irish coffee and chocolates after the long day at work!  Hahaha, rrrright.  It’s been good though, I am excited as well because now I get to write up the report on the woman who was in the assessment and possibly partake in more research to do with the “Red Balloon,” an organization that sets up schools for kids who’ve been bullied out of school.  It’s exceptionally interesting because I’ll get to use all that crazy statistical stuff I learned in psy 201/301!  YAY… kidding, sort of.  But seriously, they want to know what a good sample size would be.  This sounds vaguely familiar…

And as for other things.  I haven’t gotten to do much in the evenings, because, as I already mentioned, nothing is open very late, except the pubs!  I’ve definitely walked my calves into shape though. Man.  At least an hour and half of walking a day.  I’m not talking nonchalantly bumbling along.  I mean real, hardcore, Irish-style citywalking.  (Alright, alright.  I have been taking some breaks in Steven’s Green on the way in the morning.  I always have extra time!)  Also, this week, Monday-ish, I sort of had a panic attack.  It was great.  It comes with the anxiety territory.  At least I knew what it was this time.  But yay for Irish counselors…let me just say, American ones are way more awesome and way less awkward, like, they don’t stare at you in silence for an hour and never laugh when you do…it was FUN!  pshh. 

Anyways, this weekend I’m going to get Kerry-ed away!  I’m going to visit County Kerry, more specifically, Dingle!  Silly name, right?  I think so.  Anyways, I’m really excited because it’ll be traditional, beautiful, green, countryside Ireland.  Like the movies maybe. 

I guess that’s all really.  I’m sorry this isn’t SUPER exciting.  I will tell you, my lucky housemate went to the Jameson Distillery and met PINK!  And she was shwastey!  Lucky her!  Apparently, she was chill.  So, not a mean drunk.  Cool.  And….cut. 

And btw, I didn’t really feel that I got it acrossed.  But I do love it here!  Yay!  🙂

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