Spring Break!

I just realized that it’s been far too long since I updated. I can’t write much now because I’m using a computer shared by the entire hostel I’m staying in… but a quick update on the past couple of weeks.

My friend’s visit from Tacoma was FANTASTIC. It was neat to have a familar face around, and we managed to cram a lot into 6 days in Edinburgh.

Classes are over! It’s a strange feeling… but all that’s between me and this summer are two finals (Chemistry and Celtic Civ) on May 13th and 18th. Oh, yeah, and all the studying that I have to do to prepare for those. Today, I officially have 2 months left abroad. It’s beyond crazy how fast the time has flown!

I took the train to London on Friday morning, and spent 4 days there. It was a lot like Edinburgh in some respects… and very different in others. All in all, I really enjoyed it. We saw a play and visited all the palaces, and rode the Tube a lot! Last night/this morning, we flew to Rome (at 6:10am). I’m now here, and am dog tired. The hostel is great (my first hostel experience), and we have some excellent plans for Rome over the next week. 🙂 Then 4 more cities in 4 countries before returning to Edinburgh on April 19. Phew!

Ciao from Rome!

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