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What’re you going to do TODAY?!

Written by Kimberly Webber, Resident Programming Assistant for Todd/Phibbs Are you going to spend today worrying, studying, relaxing, talking to loved ones, joking around, procrastinating or doing a multitude of other activities? Now that midterms have come and gone and we are … Continue reading

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What I Learned on Jury Duty

Written by Jenni Chadick, Assistant Director of Residence Life This past month, I was on jury duty for the first time. While at some times inconvenient, I found it a fascinating look at our criminal justice system, one that prompted … Continue reading

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In Response to the Work/Life Balance: A Student Perspective

Written by Kimberly Webber, Resident Programming Assistant in Todd/Phibbs It’s precisely that—a balance, which is why I identify with the Cyclers who are constantly readjusting. Residence Life is one of the most hectic, rewarding, fun, overwhelming, and worthwhile paths I’ve … Continue reading

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