Using e-books Made (Even) Easier

By Design Continuum ($100 Laptop Website) CC-BY-2.5

Have you noticed that Collins Library seems to have a lot more e-books this year? That’s because, well, we do! We’re participating in a great project with all the Orbis Cascade libraries that lets us pool our resources and share e-books from EBL. Collins Library has a lot of other providers of e-books, too, so you’ll see e-books on a wide variety of topics popping up as available at Puget Sound. No matter where the e-book comes from, you’ll be able to discover it in Puget Sound WorldCat or Collins Catalog and access it from a link in the catalog record.

Most of our e-books are usable on the web, the simplest option. But many are also downloadable using Adobe Digital Editions, a free e-reader application. This is a great solution if you’re interested in reading on a desktop or laptop. If you’re using an iPad, e-reader or other mobile device, you can find all kinds of solutions on our e-books resource page, too.

The e-reader and mobile device landscape is changing all the time, so if you notice something different, have a question, or have a tip, please let us know! We’d love to help and learn with you.

To find everything you’d want to know, and, we hope, even more, check out our e-books resources page!

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