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Collins Library Completes NEH Grant
Resources to Support Teaching & Learning

In June 2020, Collins Library received a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) CARES grant to create a suite of digital teaching collections. We transformed some of our most highly requested archival instruction sessions into digital teaching collections that include primary source materials and activities for undergraduate and K-12 students. There are eight digital teaching collections covering a wide variety of subjects. The collections are designed to be used independently or integrated into a class.  They serve as great starting points for student research and special projects, as well as opportunity to introduce topics to a class prior to a visit to the Archives & Special Collections. 

Kudos to our dedicated team of librarians who worked throughout the last year to create these important digital teaching resources that document Puget Sound collections and history and are also freely accessible to educators throughout the world.  Team members included:  Peggy Burge, Jane Carlin, Katy Curtis, Laura Edgar, Adriana Flores, Hilary Robbeloth and Angela Weaver, as well as our two Humanities scholars hired with grant funds, Helen Edwards and Brittany Kealy.  Each collection consists of:

  1. Introduction: The introductory page includes the date range of the materials, list of contributors, a “How to Use” guide, and a rotating gallery of select documents from the collection.
  2. Overview Essay: Want to understand how these archival items work together? Read our overview essay to better understand the greater context of the objects and the histories that surround them. 
  3. List of Sources: Visit the list of primary sources to read descriptive text that our librarians have written. These descriptions will help you better understand the object and will jumpstart your research. Click on the image to be taken to a digital database where you’ll find a larger version of the object, more details about it, and be able to download a copy to use for research.
  4. Teaching Guide: These collections have been designed with students and educators in mind. Visit our Teaching Guide to find discussion questions, activity ideas, and later this fall we’ll be adding complete lesson plans for K-12 and undergraduate audiences. 
  5. Additional Resources: The search for primary sources does not stop with one institution! We’ve listed other digital collections and repositories that have archival sources relevant to this topic as well as tips for continuing your research.

Abby Williams Hill: Artist and Advocate
This collection focuses on the life and work of landscape painter Abby Williams Hill (1861-1943).

Accordion Books: Interplay Between Form and Content
This collection focuses on accordion books, which are a specific type of artists’ book.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3-artist-bks.jpg
Artists’ Books: Primary Sources to Foster Creativity and Imagination
This collection focuses on the art and form of artists’ books.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4-women-studies.jpg
Bringing Women’s Studies to Puget Sound
This collection focuses on the beginning of the Women’s Studies program at the University of Puget Sound.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 5-history-blkface.jpg
A History of Blackface and Minstrel Shows
at Puget Sound

This collection focuses on a history of black-face and minstrel shows at the University of Puget Sound.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 6-japanese-am.jpg
Japanese American Incarceration during World War II
This collection focuses on the experiences of Japanese American students at Puget Sound who were incarcerated during World War II.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 7-systemic-racism-greek.jpg
Systemic Racism in Greek Life at Puget Sound in the 1960s
This collection investigates systemic racism in Greek Life at the University of Puget Sound during the 1960s.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 8-tourism-conservation.jpg
Tourism and Conservation in the National Parks
This collection investigates the topics of tourism and conservation in American national parks in the early
20th century.

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‘Discover Collins Library!’ activity

All students, new and returning, are invited to stop by Collins Library before September 10th to participate in our new ‘Discover Collins Library!’ activity. This guided exploration of the library showcases the many helpful resources, friendly staff, and comfy spaces available. New students will enjoy exploring the building and returning students can re-discover what they love about Collins, all while collecting small prizes along the way like stickers and candy. There is no right or wrong way to follow the path; you can navigate to each station in order, or stop by and find one station every day. When you feel like you have finished your journey of library discovery, you are invited to the final station at the library service desk where you can enter the grand prize drawing for a beautiful gift basket or a $200 gift certificate to the campus bookstore. We hope to see you soon!

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Puget Sound benefits from our partnership with the Orbis Cascade Alliance!

If you have ever borrowed a book via Summit, found an e-book or watched a streaming video, chances are that many of those services are available due to the collaboration of Collins Memorial Library with the regional library consortium, the Orbis Cascade Alliance.  This vital organization of 37 libraries working together to deliver services and collections enhances your ability to conduct research and support study and learning at Puget Sound.

Collins Librarians play a pivotal role in the Alliance, serving on many committees that impact accessibility, cataloging, purchases and the technical infrastructure.  During the last year, the Alliance worked together to increase access to media and full-text resources to provide you with materials to support your study.

We are so fortunate to partner with the community of academic libraries in the region to share resources and expertise and add value to the academic experience.

Read more here:

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Collins Library endorses the Joint Statement on Legislative Efforts to Restrict Education about Racism in American History

Collins Library endorses the American Historical Association, the American Association of University Professors, the Association of American Colleges & Universities, and PEN America’s Joint Statement on Legislative Efforts to Restrict Education about Racism in American History. The statement is a repudiation of various legislative efforts in more than 20 states to “suppress teaching and learning about the role of racism in the history of the United States.” Although the specific legislation varies, states have already passed bills that censor what can be taught in both K-12 and higher educational institutions. This is in clear opposition to the Library’s stated core values as well as the ALA Code of Ethics. Collins Library agrees with the authors of the joint statement that “[e]ducators must provide an accurate view of the past in order to better prepare students for community participation and robust civic engagement. Suppressing or watering down discussion of ‘divisive concepts’ in educational institutions deprives students of opportunities to discuss and foster solutions to social division and injustice.” Furthermore, these legislative actions are a dangerous intrusion into the intellectual and academic freedom required for a just, democratic society. As concluded in the Joint Statement, “[a] free and open society depends on the unrestricted pursuit and dissemination of knowledge.” We agree with the authors of the Joint Statement that these government mandates for a “white-washed” view of history must be opposed in all forms for a society that treats its citizens as equals.

To see the statement, go to:

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Puget Sound Book Artists Returns to Collins Library

2020 was the 10th anniversary of the Puget Sound Book Artists.  This grass roots organization started with just a few members and a big dream.  It has evolved into an organization of over 100 members with a robust program of workshops, presentations and an annual exhibit.  While plans for the 2020 10th anniversary exhibit were shelved due to COVID, it is with delight that we welcome back the Puget Sound Book Artists and the 2021 PSBA 10th Redux Annual Member’s Exhibition.  Visit the exhibition Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Masks are required as well as an in person visitor-login.

Visit the PSBA web site for updates about virtual presentations associated with the exhibition:

What makes this exhibition so special is that it is curated by members for members with the support of the Collins Library staff.  Collins Library Director, Jane Carlin, had a chance to connect with the curatorial team for a Q&A recently.

Jane:  How challenging was it to curate an exhibition during a pandemic?

The main challenges were: scrapping your previous processes, formats, and procedures in the face of a real possibility we would be unable to have a physical exhibition with in-person viewing. We had to think outside the box. Learning curves were steep, but not insurmountable: to incorporate streaming events, meetings, and digital sharing of images. Timing of production of a physical catalog was changed, which gave us (the curators) as well as the artists more time to complete our art and have the necessary imagining time for a new design. Photography required the creation of a mobile photo shoot set-up brought to the artists’ homes.  That was pretty creative!

Jane:  As curators, you made the decision not to establish awards this year, can you walk us through that decision?

After a good discussion, we felt that for this year we would forgo the awards piece, considering the added complexity of virtual exhibition events, the constraints of the exhibition mounting, and the time constraints and life-issues affecting the team members.  We determined we would highlight a range of artists (new to experienced, different structures, etc.) in our events to feature what are in our estimation exceptional pieces… We also felt strongly that the ordeal for all our artists over the past 18 months has added difficulty to our creative process we want this exhibition to celebrate their persistence in getting these pieces done. The celebration of our 10/11 years as a vibrant organization is particularly a testament to its strength: in how we turned adversity into opportunity. We are now emerging from our cocoons with new ways of sharing our work, broader and more inclusive connections to our communities, new venues for teaching, sharing, and making that will take us forward into this new way of living.

Jane:  Have you noticed any theme of the exhibit?  

Originally the 2020 exhibition was on the theme of Transformation. Little did we suspect how prescient that would prove to be! Moving beyond that theme, we find our submissions clearly reflect and amplify the issues we all encountered in our self-isolation: facing illness, healing and loss, nature/nurture, climate, race and inclusivity, issues of freedom and responsibility.

Jane:  What events do we have to look forward to?

We invite members and friends of PSBA to peruse the images of this year’s work through the on-line catalog and consider ordering your own copy from Blurb, sit in on the Artists’ Conversation Zoom event and Zoom Panel Discussion presentation, and be sure to visit the show now that the doors to Collins are open.

Congratulations to all the artists in the exhibit and a special thank you to  the members who coordinated this year’s exhibition.

Curatorial team members:

Exhibition Coordinator:
Sally Alger

Selection & Installation: 
Sally Alger, Pat Chupa, Helen Edwards, Rachel Watson

Volunteer Support:
Debbi Commodore, Becky Frehse, Peter Newland, Jan Ward

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Welcome back!  Collins Library extends a warm welcome to new and returning students!

Come to the library to participate in Discover Collins Library, a fun activity designed to introduce or re-introduce you to some of our services and resources.  You’ll earn small prizes along the way and can enter drawings for a large gift basket and a $200 credit at the Bookstore!  To get started, pick up the guide in the library lobby.

To get you in the frame of mind for the variety of research assignments you’ll have in the coming semester, engage with the Information Literacy Reflection Tool!  This online tool invites you to notice and appreciate your approaches to gathering and using information, and to recognize the components that make up information literacy.  

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Collins Library Links: Welcome Back Edition: Part II


Welcome Back Edition:  Part II

Library Study Space Access:
The Library front Reading Rooms will be open for individual study from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday – Thursday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on Friday and Saturday 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  There are also 5 individual study areas in the lower level of the library that are available for study.

Students will be required to reserve a seat through our online reservation service which is available at this link:

Lobby Pick-Up for Local Holds:
Local users may pick up requested library materials weekdays between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm and from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm (with the exception of Friday when we close at 5:00).  If you have requested an item, you will receive an email notification that it is ready to pick up.

Summit Borrowing:
We are pleased to announce that Summit borrowing is now in service. Borrowing is open for all local users and like local holds, you may pick these items up in the library lobby during designated times.

Remote Student Support: Access to Unique Content in our print collections:
We recognize that even with the plethora of digital content, there may be print resources that uniquely support study research and study.  For our remote learners who are unable to take advantage of our local pick up of print books, we are offering a digitization service.  Students may request portions of print books to be scanned.  A link will appear in the PRIMO record that alerts users to this service.

While we cannot mail books to students on demand, we are committed to ensuring your students receive the support they need to succeed in their studies.  We will work on an individual basis with students to provide support and if we are unable to identify a digital solution, and the print book is the only available alternative, we will work with the student to fulfill their request.

Turn-around time for Scan to Canvas/Digitization and Local Requests:
We are working behind the scenes to meet the demands of these new services.  Please be patient as we settle in to the new semester.  Thank you for your understanding.​

Communication with Students:
This information has been sent to students via an email, and this information is included on our web page, and we encourage you to share this link:​ with students in your classes.  Please direct students who have specific questions about library support to their liaison librarian, or to

We are here to support you and your students and please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have suggestions or concerns about library services:

Need Information? Don’t forget the Collins Memorial Library – Library Guides
Questions? Contact your liaison librarian
Comments: Contact Jane Carlin, library director
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Collins Library Links: Open Stacks and More!


Open Stacks and More!

We are so pleased to share some updates on our Collins Library collections, spaces, and services.

  1. Mark Monday, August 9!  We will be reopening our library stacks on all floors for our users. If you have missed the serendipitous discoveries made through browsing, the stacks await you!
  2. Hold Requests:  If you have enjoyed having your books ready for pick up in the front of the library, we are retaining this great service.  You still can request books through PRIMO and request a pick up at the Library.  Just note that as of August 9, the books will be available at the front circulation desk and will be checked out to you at that point, so please remember to bring your Logger or other photo ID with you.
  3. HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS) ends on August 9:  When our stacks were closed and so many of our students were studying remotely, we activated ETAS in our HathiTrust subscription, which made over 160,000 print titles available in digital form to University of Puget Sound faculty, staff and students.  As we resume providing full access to the print collection, the conditions for the fair use of digital copies of these materials has ended.  Note that the University of Puget Sound remains a HathiTrust member, and you may log in to HathiTrust using your institutional login and password to access and download full PDFs of materials in the public domain or licensed under Creative Commons.  Please contact your liaison librarian with any questions.
  4. There will be some reconfiguration of spaces on the first floor of the library:
    The new Faculty Development Center will be located in the space adjacent to the East Reading Room.
    The space that used to be the Mac Lab will be updated to serve as a collaboration and meeting space, with a focus on student use.  We have been fortunate to receive a grant from the Washington State Library to help update this space. 
    Open print reserves will be relocated at the north end of the Learning Commons.
  5. A reminder about OCR for Canvas:  Nick Triggs is our library contact for OCR for Canvas and you can find details of the request process here: Since June, Nick has digitized and/or OCR-processed over six dozen requests from faculty for articles and book chapters, and has sent links for the many materials the library already owns in electronic format!  Please continue to use this service to help make digital materials more accessible in Canvas for our students!
  6. Open Education Resources Institute/American Association of Colleges & Universities:  Over the summer, Collins Library formed a team, led by Scholarly Communications and Digital Services Librarian Ben Tucker, to participate in this important national discussion.  Thanks are extended to Prof. Heidi Morton, Prof. Melvin Rouse, and Educational Technologist Margot Casson for joining Ben and Library Director Jane Carlin to raise awareness of and to promote OER at Puget Sound.  You will be hearing from us!​

Need Information? Don’t forget the Collins Memorial Library – Library Guides
Questions? Contact your liaison librarian
Comments: Contact Jane Carlin, library director
Remember – Your best search engine is a librarian!

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Art Moment at Collins Library – June 25, 11:00-1:00pm, Celebrating the Kelmscott Press and our new Book Arts/Printing Press Studio!

At the end of the month, Collins Library will be joining other libraries and museums around the world to celebrate William Morris’s Kelmscott Press and the 125th anniversary of the Kelmscott edition of The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer.  Four years in the making, with illustrations by the Pre-Raphaelite artist Edward Burne-Jones and designed by Morris in every detail, the Kelmscott Chaucer, as it is commonly known, was published in 1891 and is universally considered one of the most beautiful books ever printed.

On June 25th between 11:00 and 1:00 pm visit the Collins Library Reading Room and take a moment to view some of our unique materials associated with William Morris and the Kelmscott Press as well as visit our new Book Arts/Printing Press Studio in the lower level of the Library!

Collins Librarian Jane Carlin will be giving 2 short presentations (10 minutes) on Morris and his books at 11:00 and 11:45.  To comply with social distancing, if you would like to join one of the presentations, please email Jane directly at:  

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Collins Library Updates for Summer and Fall


Collins Library Updates for Summer and Fall

Dear Faculty:

Collins Library staff hope your summer is off to a good start!  We want to update you on just a few library-related matters:


We will continue most of our current COVID-19 practices during the summer.  Library stacks will remain closed, but we will continue to offer the hold/pick up and digitization services.  Librarians remain available for virtual research consultations and also can be reached via email.  However, we have made a few changes:

  • We are no longer requiring seat reservations for individual study on the first floor; instead, students, faculty or staff can simply find an individual study spot.
  • To accommodate students who are on campus during the summer term, we are open seven days a week, including until 8:00 pm on Mondays and Thursdays, and both Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  The library homepage always provides information on current hours.
  • All aspects of interlibrary loan borrowing have resumed, including, when necessary, requesting loans of physical materials from libraries outside the United States.  
  • We are pleased to announce a ​​New Service! OCR for Canvas is a collaborative effort between departmental administrative assistants, Collins Library, Student Accessibility and Accommodation, and faculty, to ensure the accessibility of course readings made available to our students via Canvas.  Please refer to this guide for more information and a link to the request form:

Looking ahead to the Fall:

  • We anticipate, with no small measure of excitement, that in early August we will re-open our stacks on all floors.  The majority of our staff will also be back on campus, too.
  • Reserves:  We encourage you to integrate electronic full text resources, when available, and/or scanned portions of our print collection (using the new OCR for Canvas service) into your Canvas pages for classes.  However, we will offer a limited print reserves option for materials that cannot be accommodated in that way.  We will be transitioning to an open reserves system, where students may browse print materials placed on reserve by their professors without first needing to go to the Circulation Desk.  Libraries that have implemented open reserves report that more students actually use the materials on reserve when there is less of a barrier to accessing them.  Please look for more specific information later in the summer.
  • We will continue to offer the new services we created in response to the circumstances of the pandemic.  When you or your students need a book, you’ll be able to retrieve it yourself in the stacks or simply place a hold on it and we’ll retrieve it and check it out to you for pickup.  Similarly, you and your students may continue to request digitization of portions of the print collection.  (Please note that this service is intended to support personal research.  If you need materials digitized for posting on Canvas, please use the new OCR for Canvas service.)
  • Teaching and Learning:  Librarians are eager to continue collaborating with you to offer course-integrated information literacy instruction.  However, if you are interested in including an Archives & Special Collections session in the fall, please reach out to your liaison librarian as soon as possible.  Due to space limitations, and review of our collections, as well as our desire to reduce wear and tear to some of our primary source materials, we encourage the use of digitized primary sources, when available, and would like to work with you to develop new approaches to your classes.
  • Media:  We will be moving forward with de-accessioning our VHS tape collection, as the obsolete technology has made the materials inaccessible to our students.

Need Information? Don’t forget the Collins Memorial Library – Library Guides
Questions? Contact your liaison librarian
Comments: Contact Jane Carlin, library director
Remember – Your best search engine is a librarian!

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