Tools to Make Your Research Easier

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Humans are tool users; indeed, it has been argued that our use of tools is a part of what makes us human. However, it’s been found that a wide variety of primates, crows (both New Caledonian and the kind we see here) and as well as other animals use tools. And why wouldn’t they, given how much a good tool improves a job?

So while we can’t console ourselves that tools make us special, we can console ourselves that it makes us faster and more efficient.

With that enticement, check out our New Tools and Widgets page, where we’ve listed information about a wide variety of our tools. Check back now and again as we’ll add new tools that we find particularly useful, too.

Tools profiled include:

  • Collins LibX toolbar, a tool that connects the open web to library resources,
  • Collins Links toolbar, a tool that brings together all the Puget Sound library resources you’d need to do your research,
  • New York Times article-finder bookmarklets, which let you reload published articles you find on the New York Times after your free 20 articles and read them through our databases.

Have suggestions for a tool you’d love? Let us know in the comments or via Collins is Listening!

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