Collins Library Links: Updates from Collins Library: New Resources, Streaming Media and Research Marathons


Updates from Collins Library:
New Resources, Streaming Media and Research Marathons

New Resources:

The Library recently began providing access to the following open access primary source resources available on the JSTOR platform.   Additional collections will be added in the future.  These are linked to in the ‘Databases A-Z’ list found on the library’s homepage:

  • American Prison Newspapers, 1800-2020: Voices from the Inside
    Brings together hundreds of newspapers published within prisons by incarcerated people over the past 200 years. When complete, the collection will contain newspapers from prisons in every state, representing penal institutions of all kinds, including women-only institutions.
  • Student Activism
    Serves as a scholarly bridge from the extensive history of student protest in the United States to the study of today’s vibrant, continually unfolding actions. The collection captures the voices of students across the great range of protest, political actions, and equal-rights advocacy from the 20th and early 21st century United States.

Streaming Media:

This is a reminder that the Library maintains a detailed guide to Streaming Media which is accessible from the library website:  This guide provides information about currently available resources, copyright & fair use, classroom access, and requesting content.  As you plan for the spring semester, please remember it is important to check on access to streaming media resources as often the terms of agreement and licenses are time sensitive and films that have been available previously may need to be relicensed.  For any questions, please consult with Andrea Klyn.

Research Marathons:

The Library has set the dates for the popular Research Marathon sessions for November 15 and 29, from 6-10 pm, in Library 118.  The Research Marathons aim to help students start or continue their course research projects, and are supported by our Peer Research Advisors and Associate Director Peggy Burge.  During the four-hour sessions students have the opportunity to work together, enjoy coffee and conversation, and get personalized research assistance.  Please share with your students. ​

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