Library Makes Strategic Move Concerning Book Collection and Printing Services

press1The Collins Memorial Library has a reputation for innovation.  In recent years, the Library has developed many new programs and services from exhibits and community events to strengthening  close connections with faculty to integrate information literacy across the curriculum.  The Library has also been pro-active in supporting sustainability efforts across campus.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that our Library would endorse two new and innovative programs that will help further distinguish Puget Sound as a center for excellence, innovation, and experiential learning.


  1.  Publishing Program:  No longer beholden to academic publishers charging enormous fees for access to scholarship, Collins has now embarked on a new program.  All books will be hand printed and published under the Collins Press.  Not only does this save money, but provides students with hands on learning experience setting type.press2
  2. Print Green:  The Print Green program has taken a major step with the introduction of hand papermaking.  Students are making their own paper.  Not only will this support our sustainability efforts, but reduces the cost of expensive paper and toner.  Classes in calligraphy will be held to encourage students to learn the art of handwriting. press3

Collins Library Director Jane Carlin says that she knows of no other campus that has taken such innovative steps and that we will surely be a leader in the Northwest and serve as model for other liberal arts colleges.

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