Spotlight: People Making a Difference at Collins – Holly Kvalheim

My name is Holly Kvalheim and I’m a senior. My major is economics, but I have a wide variety of interests and have enjoyed taking classes in many subjects, including sociology, gender studies, and religion. Although graduation is less than two months away, I have no concrete plans yet other than returning to Seattle, where I grew up. I’m looking forward to the end of classes because I’ll have more time for hobbies such as painting and bike riding, but I will certainly miss participating in school activities, like choir, the feminist club (WEB), and attending lectures. Another hobby of mine is trying to think of jokes, but so far I really only have one. What do you call someone who takes things literally?

A thief. I started working at the library my freshman year, and have since been spending ten hours each week in the back of Resource Management Services, mending damaged books. I really like my job because I get to practice and learn new crafty skills, and become aware of books in the library I otherwise wouldn’t have ever looked at. The two main lessons I’ve learned as a book mender are a) there are more interesting books out there than you can imagine, and b) don’t ever try to fix a book with duct tape.


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