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Love Data Week (yes, it’s a real thing!) 

  • Curious about the crime rate in the United States?
  • Want to access census data?
  • Curious about data related to Puget Sound students, faculty and staff?
  • Need help with managing your own data?

Look no further! 

International Love Data Week is observed around Valentine’s Day each year celebrating data, and raising awareness about the importance of data science and management.  Love Data Week provides us with an opportunity to share some important data resources available to the Puget Sound community. 

Institutional Research: 
Sound Reports, which provide access to commonly requested information about Puget Sound, is available via the Institutional Research webpage.  The webpage provides a direct link to a Google folder where the information is housed, and also lists the reports by overall topic; it is available here.  If you prefer to go directly to the Google folder, which lists all of the reports individually, it is available here.  If you encounter difficulty accessing the reports, please contact us at

The Sound Reports also include the most recent Common Data Set, which is the foundation for data that is submitted to most of the college guidebooks, and copies of The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) Reports.  IPEDS are federally mandated and submitted to the National Center for Education Statistics annually.  They generally reflect official data reported for the institution on topics such as Finance, Human Resources, Admission, Enrollment, Graduation Rates, Library, and Student Financial Aid.  Comparable IPEDS data for other colleges is available from the National Center for Education Statistics.

Helpful links: 

Data Management Plans:

Librarian Eli Gandour-Rood can offer workshops and consultation associated with developing a data management plan.  Many funding agencies now require data management plans and as our students become more engaged with research projects that require data collection it is important to manage data effectively.  Data Management Plans outline how researchers will store and document their data, and make them available for review and/or reuse.  Researchers are asked to provide information about tools and instruments that generate or capture data, file types, file sizes, description, storage, backup and access plans and policies.
Check out Eli’s useful guide: 

Statistics and Data Sources:

Need data?  A good starting place is Andrea Klyn’s guide:
Compiled in one easy to use location you will find links to domestic, international, state and local sources, as well as links to data repositories and archives.  

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