Exhibits in the Library

Current Exhibit:

Scripts, Scribes, and Scribbles (On display until April 26, 2023)

This exhibit is all about hand lettering including medieval manuscripts, hand written books, 19th century penmanship textbooks, pens and inkwells, examples of contemporary calligraphy, personal handwritten journals and letters, writing desks, a “doodle wall,” and much, much more!  Scripts, Scribes and Scribbles brings together examples of handwriting and illustrates how handwriting has been taught, reproduced, and reimagined over the past five hundred years. Displaying a range of books and manuscripts from the Collins Library collection and many private donors and collectors, the exhibition addresses the role of handwriting in the age of print newly legible.

Future Exhibits:

  • Puget Sound Book Artists Annual Members Exhibition (June 1 – July 31)
  • Dreams (August 20 — November 17, 2023)
    This is an internationally juried show and additional details can be found here:   https://23sandy.com/pages/dreams
  • The World through Abby’s Eyes (January 2024 – May 2024)
    The World Through Abby’s Eyes, is about the nuanced life of women in the American West in the early twentieth century. The focal point of the exhibit will be Tacoma resident Abby Williams Hill (1861-1943), and specifically four significant roles she held: artist, advocate, mother, and woman. Building on these themes, we will also draw on the rich and vibrant history of Tacoma through documents, photographs and artifacts from the Archives & Special Collections, as well as the Hill art collection, that showcase these themes and time period. This exhibit will utilize the Hill Collection, a prominent teaching resource for Puget Sound, in a unique way. We hope to engage multiple disciplines across our campus, as well as the greater Tacoma community, as we consider the life of women in the West during the twentieth century.
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