First Blaster, then Nachi Worm Infect Campus Workstations

At 11:00 AM, the campus network was disconnected because of widespread infection of University workstations by the Nachi worm subsequent to an initial infection by the Blaster worm (see for more details). The University’s Windows servers do not appear to have been infected. A byproduct of Nachi infection is a large volume of network traffic, and it was this that apparently overwhelmed the campus network.

OIS employees have eradicated most worm infections in Jones Hall, McIntyre Hall, Wheelock Hall and Security Services, and non-public workstations in Collins Library.

Currently, most University network services are online, with the exception of Windows filesharing. Thus, access to MERLIN2 and ALEXANDRIA is unavailable at this time. We expect it to become available sometime tomorrow morning(Wednesday, 20 August) from the above buildings.