Mail System Upgrade

Beginning in the early morning hours of Saturday, 16 August 2003 (soon after midnight) the University e-mail system, including Webmail, password changes, and the forward and vacation message management interfaces, will be unavailable. The Corporate Time calendaring system, dialin authentication, and the University’s proxy servers will also be unavailable
during this period. These improvements are neccessary for the email system to handle the higher email volumes that we are experiencing. We will be making a series of infrastructure changes in order to bring the new mail server hardware on line.

  • We will migrate the user data from the old mail server to the new mail server. It is recommended that you backup any important e-mail messages, and delete any unnecessary messages.
  • We will upgrade the directory server from version 4.11 to version 5.1 service pack 2.
    This upgrade is necessary for the new mail server to communicate with the directory server to authenticate users.
  • We will modify Orion, Sun server for Math & Computer Science, to authenticate against the upgraded directory server.

We expect that this will take approximately one day, due to the volume of mail data
that must be moved.
E-mail service will be restored to campus by 8:00 AM Sunday, 17 August 2003.

Please check the Network Service Failure and Status Log for
status information on the 16th. When the affected services become available, status will be posted at that location.